spoon collection is a great hobby, many people like to collect things as coins, currency, stamps, rocks, magazine , when you owned a unique item in bulk is both thrilling and fulfilling, especially when one has been searching for sometimes years for that last piece to complete a collection or series.

There are many people who use the spoon collection as an investment. Just imagine if you had bought a gold spoon collection about 10 years back, the value of the same spoon collection would have dramatically increased. The reason for this is not only that the value of the gold has galloped rapidly, but also because of the value of the collection will increase over time, especially if it is a very rare collection.

Why Collect Spoons?

There are many reasons why people collect spoons:

  • the appreciation of old or beautiful objects
  • the hunt for rare or missing pieces to a collection
  • to achieve the satisfaction of completing a collection
  • collecting hallmarks
  • research
  • for investment – which is also fun
  • or bizarrely to actually use!

So a spoon provides you with the pleasure and thrill of the chase, an object to admire, a moment of history, a research opportunity, a money-maker … all this and yet at the end of the day you can still dip it in to your favorite bowl of hot soup.

Souvenir spoons

How to Display Collectible Spoons?

1- Shadow Box Displays:

when you display spoons from different states, or favorite sightseeing adventures with postcards or vacation photos. As another option, display the spoons by themselves in shadow boxes with frames that match your decoration.

Shadow boxes work well leaning against the wall on a shelf, mounted on a wall, or flat on a shelf or table below eye level.

2- Wall Rack:

Wall racks designed for collectible spoons hold them in neat rows. This creates a space-saving display. also they different types of spoons in different racks, or count the spoons and buy a rack large rack — depending on available wall space. but this style of displaying collectible spoon don’t protect the spoons from dust.

3- Silverware Chest:

The lining offers a contrast to the spoon collection and helps keep the spoons shiny. so many collectible spoons are silver, and some have etched or filigree details, keeping them free of tarnish reduces the maintenance time of your collection.

4- Exhibt Case:

A display case with a glass top, such as the type used to show jewelry, will hold many spoons. These cases rest flat on a table or shelf. Putting the case below eye level shows off a collection, and the case’s lid keeps dust off the spoons.