Many people practice the hobby of collecting shells, so the majority of the shells that people collect belong to the order of mollusks, a group of invertebrate animals that contain shellfish, ear oysters, maples, oysters and snails

Shell collecting has been a favorite hobby since the mid-19th century, and this hobby has grown exponentially in the past few years. Shells are now sold all over the world in gift and souvenir shops, supermarkets,

So seashell collecting have many benefit in this article we introduce the seven benefit of seashell collecting .

Seven benefit of seashell collecting :

1-It help scientists in many research , like atomic scientists may expose the shells to atomic radiation to test the effects of those radiation ,

Also prospectors for oil search from shells in deserts , this guide to them these places were the depths of ocean in ancient time , So It is know that large fields often in this area.

2-  Color and luster of shell have made shells one of the most important adornment tools and ornaments. Skilled craftsmen cut freshwater mussel shells and other mother-of-pearl shells to make pearl buttons.

3-Skilled workers  use mother-of-pearl from abalone shells and oyster shells to decorate the luxurious boxes in which the jewels are kept. and musical instruments

4-The shells of oysters of the genus Blacona are very thin and transparent, used as window glass.  These shells are cut into small square pieces according to the scales of small wooden cornices. . This In the Philippines

So the squares of the shells are attached to them, and then they are collected together to make large windows. These shells are now widely used.

-Another benefit of seashell collecting :

5-It used as money , In an ancient time, specially deposits and serrated seal shell

6-Romans extracted a cochineal dye from the seashells of autumn, and they believed that the cloth dyed with that dye was more expensive than gold.

7-Fishermen use oyster shells as a horn to announce to the people that the fish is available for sale. this in some countries